Currently designer at Somfy,
I am working on the innovation plan, and I am trying to explore the opportunities of design fiction. I design interactive solutions questioning users practices and I am always thinking about the sense of our creations.


The emotion analyzer, so much precise that it could surprise you. Put your hand on the sensor, let it catch you and enjoy your feelings.

Türn with Pö

Brand new management method and real success during the 2026's, Türn offers you the possibility to follow your employees wellbeing and satisfaction thanks to a skin patch.

Open Hi

New digital traveling experience, OpenHi is taking place in the public space to bring different cultures closer. Be a part of the lantern festival from France, experience the Venise carnival from your place. Interact, share, discover, be alive.

Affects at work, what role for design?

How design can participate in the developpement of emotional intelligence in companies? Is the digital empathy a solution to professional conflicts? Can we design the affects, can we design structures?

Generators of logotypes: does they call graphic designer job into question?

Generators are substitute for graphic designer tasks, which turns the creation of a logotype into a futile step of creativity. The customer is free to decide to use a generator or not: does he have to prefer quantity or quality?

Social networks: is Snapchat adictive?

The latest generation cannot miss te huge success of the famous app Snapchat®. Is its daily use an addiction or a compulsive behavior? Are there strategies in place?

Crowdsourcing: does it threaten graphic design discipline?

Hundreds of results, an universal chance to create, a promised career but in fact lots of critics. The today use of crowdsourcing creates lots of debates. Let's see what's hidden behind the process.